Schools Program

Thousands of students throughout Australia have used the Award Winning Personal Tutor programs in school, to help them succeed in Maths and the Sciences. The software networks very easily, and can be accessed from any work-station.

Left Align In the Classroom
Using the programs in the class-room, can make a welcome change from the normal routine. Teachers report that the immediate feedback from the program is very beneficial, as students can see their results while the problems are fresh in their minds.

Enrichment programs
Personal Tutor is very suitable for small groups who are trying to overcome learning difficulties or do extended work programs.

"Beneficial to both struggling and capable students alike. An excellent program I have no hesitation in recommending." Maths Teacher, Queensland.

In the Library

If computer time is not available for the class, students can be encouraged to use the programs in their own study time in the library. The Christian Schools Association encourages students to use the Year 11 and 12 programs for revision in the library, to give them the competitive edge in their final exams.

Kinetic Education Software
Many students don't thrive in class and only do better if they have help at home. Our consultants are happy to visit schools and explain how the "Kinetic Education Software " system can be introduced to students through the school. For more details, please go to Kinetic Education page.