Maths Wiz - English Wiz

The Maths Wiz and English Wiz educational system is the result of ten years of close cooperation between the company's Editorial and IT professionals. Over this period, complete and in-depth courses have been developed to fit High School Curriculums in the major Australian States. These courses are based on the Award Winning "Personal Tutor" Maths and Science CD-ROMs which have been used by thousands of Australian students in school and at home. Thus, M-Bytes is helping young Australians to improve their grades and achieve a better career opportunity.

Left AlignThe "High School Maths" program was selected as the best Kinder-12 educational program for Australian students in the prestigious Annual Awards from PCUser Magazine (November 1999). Since then, the program has been upgraded to the "Your Learning Advantage" system which combines the CD-ROMs with tutor support and an on-line study club

Pictures from our Maths Wiz - English Wiz program

Maths Wiz Opening Screen
Lesson Page CertificateReport Screen English Wiz Lesson English Wiz - Phonics Game Maths Year 11 & 12